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An Agent of God
Living and Walking a God-directed life

An Agent of God is an autobiography that details the supernatural experiences God has given Anita Hashim throughout her life. It is a very encouraging and inspiring story about living a God-directed life and exemplifies God’s love, His grace, and His wondrous miracles and blessings.

“Through my lifelong experiences with God, and many answered prayers, He has become my dearest and closest friend. Each of us can have this type of personal relationship with God. We can walk with God in every aspect of our lives, with total dependence on Him and total assurance that He cares about every part of our lives….I am an ordinary person with some extraordinary experiences. I did not merit them, but they came always because I desired with my whole heart to “know” God, to walk with Him and fulfill His purposes….As you read, I pray that you will have a revelation of God and how much He loves you.”

You can also download “An Agent of God” electronically to your iPad or Kindle via Amazon.com.


Prophetic, Inspirational, and Devotional Books

To those who will take time to hear His voice, God still speaks to individuals today, but He often sets apart those He chooses to bring forth special messages. So He has done with Anita Hashim. These five devotionals contain some of the glorious and inspiring messages God has given to Anita. As you read through the devotionals, open your heart to the words that God has spoken and allow Him to teach you through His wisdom and His love.


Oh, the Wonder and Glory of It All!
Prophetic, Inspirational and Devotional Messages
Volume 1






Christ In Us, the Hope of Glory!

Prophetic, Inspirational and Devotional Messages
Volume 2






Led by His Presence!

Prophetic, Inspirational and Devotional Messages
Volume 3






These Things I will Do For You!

Prophetic, Inspirational and Devotional Messages
Volume 4






From Nobody to Nobility!

Prophetic, Inspirational and Devotional Messages
Volume 5







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